Healthcare: The Bills That Go Bump In The Night

by Stacy Brasher on Aug 5, 2019

Healthcare, HSA's, Retirement, Medical

Do you remember the nights you’d spend begging your parents to let you stay up to watch a scary movie? You promised mom and dad you would sleep just fine afterward, but when the credits rolled, you just knew the monster would be waiting for you under the bed. As we go through life, we find ourselves losing sleep to different monsters. Instead of movie horrors, it’s that one final in college that you know you’re bound to fail, or the phone call you’ve been waiting on from a potential employer.

When Life Insurance Makes Financial Sense in Retirement

by Stacy Brasher on May 23, 2018

Insurance, Retirement

When most people think about life insurance, it is something to be purchased when we’re young with financial responsibilities and dependents to protect. Any discussion about purchasing life insurance after we retire is often met with strong opinions as to whether or not it makes any financial sense. After all, the cost of life insurance increases significantly over the age of 65.

Three Reasons Why Life Insurance is More Than Just a Death Benefit

by Stacy Brasher on May 23, 2018

Insurance, Retirement, Tax Planning

Life insurance is universally recognized as an essential pillar of a financial plan for providing much needed capital in the event of a breadwinner. It is also fundamental to other planning needs, such as estate planning to pay for settlement costs and taxes, and business planning for business continuation or key person protection. However, considering the remarkable tax properties of permanent life insurance, it should also be considered as foundational planning tool for an entire financial plan. Here are three reasons why:

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